The beaches on the Montenegrin coast are safe for tourists, because they are taken care of by Morsko dobro, tenants, but also by the Tourist Inspection, said the chief tourist inspector, Svetlana Sljivancanin.
She said in the morning program of the Television of Montenegro (TVCG) that the concluded agreements between the tenants of the beaches and the Morsko dobro, and the approval for work from the Secretariat for Economy are proof that the beaches are safe.

“The beaches are safe, because they are taken care of by the representatives of the Public Company (PE) Morsko dobro and the tenants, as well as the Tourist Inspectorate, as a control body.All tenants must have a concluded contract with the Morsko dobro, approval for work from the Secretariat for Economy, and that is proof that the beaches are safe and that the beach furniture is in accordance with the regulations, “said Sljivancanin.
According to her, the tenants are obliged to respect the obligations from the rulebook, and as of this year, they are also obliged to respect the recommendations of the National Coordination Body (NTK) and the Institute of Public Health (IPH), reports the RTCG portal.

“We also visit the beaches every day and control whether the tenants have harmonized their business with the legal provisions,” said Sljivancanin.

She stated that there are both binding measures and those recommended by the IPH when it comes to bathing areas.

“Tenants are obliged to prominently display notices on temporary measures of prevention and protection against viruses at the entrance to the beach, that their staff wears protective equipment, beach furniture to be kept at a minimum of two meters, that equipment is disinfected, which refers to beach furniture, cabins, showers, toilets, props for children, and they are obliged to keep disinfectants at the entrance and exit of the swimming areas “said Sljivancanin.

Hygiene at public baths that do not have tenants, as she said, is maintained by the utility company in each municipality.