The biggest negative effects of covid-19 will be reflected on tourism, because it is a multiple crisis that concerns health and economy, politics and interpersonal relations. Tourism is on its knees and experts predict that it will take several years to recover, said Aleksandra Gardašević-Slavuljica,the newly appointed regional president of for the Balkans, in an interview for Pobjeda, adding that national tourism and every single business must be activated not only do they expect subsidies. is an international tourism organization that was founded in January to face the challenges in the field of tourism, primarily the hotel and air transport, which suffered as a result of the pandemic. The members of the organization are tourism experts, ministers, representatives of national tourism organizations, as well as academics from 117 countries.

The organization announced that the appointment of the Montenegrin Aleksandra Gardašević-Slavuljica was the first regional appointment. It was presented on July 1 at an online conference held in the presence of representatives of 117 countries, and was made official by the publication of an article about Alexandra’s business biography on the prestigious portal, eTN – Global Travel Industry News, which follows current events in the world of tourism and travel.

Speaking about the search for a solution for the recovery of the hotel and air transport, our interlocutor emphasizes that there are no unique solutions, but that each situation, country, hotel or airline, requires a specific set of recovery measures.

No economy or business should allow themselves to be passive observers and not participate in the recovery process. The chance of national economies is to activate all dormant tourism actors and involve them in the promotion of tourism and the creation of a sustainable business environment. Only by harmonizing activities, trust is created in the destination, service, environment that awaits the guest. The magic word in this situation is “trust”, but we will not create it if we passively wait for covid-19 to pass, Gardašević-Slavuljica emphasizes.

She concludes that this function is an exceptional challenge for her, since the Balkans have a huge tourist potential, but it lacks the capacity in the form of professional staff to show that every crisis brings opportunities.

The founder of the organization, Jurgen Steinmec, told eTN – Global Travel Industry News that they are extremely pleased to position themselves with Aleksandra in a very important European area, such as the Balkans.

We are delighted that Aleksandra is participating in our young initiative for the renewal of tourism due to the covid-19 pandemic – said Steinmec.

The text on the eTN portal states that Gardašević-Slavuljica is the Honorary Consul of the Seychelles in Montenegro, that she has extensive experience in marketing, corporate communications and human resources, conducted in demanding business environments. She has worked for Montenegro Airlines, the Government of Seychelles, as well as many foreign companies, and is now engaged in consulting and consulting management in the field of tourism.

Trough recommendations and guidelines to solutions

Aleksandra Gardašević-Slavuljica says that it is an exceptional honor for her to be trusted by renowned experts in the field of tourism, who have decades of international experience, by being appointed president of for the Balkans.

Our contacts, meetings, conferences and consultations are everyday and digital forms of communication enable us to do so. It is a unique opportunity to share experiences with experts from 117 countries, which are members of At the level of the Board of Directors, and I am their associate member, we make recommendations and build guidelines in which sense tourism should be developed. We are trying to find solutions for the recovery of the hotel and air traffic, said Gardašević-Slavuljica.