Results of the analysis of sea water quality for 110 locations, conducted by the Institute of Marine Biology in the period from 16 to 17 June, showed that in 84.5% of locations sea water was of excellent quality, in 10% of locations of good, while at 5.5% of water locations was of satisfactory quality, it was announced from JP Morsko dobro.

These results confirm that the sea water in Montenegrin beaches is of good quality, that it is sanitary correct, and therefor safe for bathing and recreation.

“Out of a total of 18 locations where water quality analysis is performed in the municipality of Ulcinj, 17 of them had excellent quality water, while at 1 bathing area the water was of good quality. In Bar, the water quality at 14 locations was excellent, while at 1 location the water was of good quality. When it comes to the municipality of Budva, out of a total of 32 locations, 30 of them had excellent quality sea water, good quality in one location, while water was also of satisfactory quality in one location. In the Bay of Kotor, in the municipality of Tivat, out of a total of 9 locations, 8 of them had excellent quality sea water, while 1 location was of good quality “, reads the statement of the Marine Estate.

Analyzes, according to this public company, showed that in Kotor at 12 locations the water was excellent, and at 3 locations good quality, while in Herceg Novi water was sampled at a total of 21 locations, of which 12 water was excellent, on 4 of good, and on 5 of them of satisfactory quality.

“Up-to-date information on the quality of sea water on Montenegrin beaches is available to the interested public, especially tourist organizations, hotels, travel agencies, and all lovers of recreation at sea. For better presentation and availability of data on sea water quality, sea temperature, air temperature and salinity for each individual bathing area, JP Morsko dobro has developed a software application system for data processing and presentation, which can be accessed via the Internet. The application can be found on the website of the Public Company for the Management of Marine Assets and is available in Montenegrin and English. Also, the application is made according to the latest standards, and is adapted to display data on all models of computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones “, concluded the announcement of the Marine Property.